BOOK REVIEW: A Court of Thorns and Roses (Book #1) by Sarah J Mass

I have never read any other book by this author and I have to admit I was skeptical up until I picked up this book and started reading. Though I have heard nothing but good things about this book, I was not so sure.

To be blunt it is a quest for love and finding the way to truth. It felt like bit of everything. A bit of happiness, a bit of pain, a bit of terror, a bit of truth and a bit of lies. I never loved any book more than this in the first sight. It took me a while to get accustomed or you know get adjusted to the book theme but as soon as I felt comfortable I was deep inside the Prythian lands far from any mortals. I like the way she spun the story into such an adorable love story.

Things I like About This Book:

Feyre. Without a hint of doubt I would say. This character is not plain like paper, but it has many contortions unknown to her as well as the reader. The relentless struggle she puts up to care for her beloved one. The decision she makes every turn of the corner was an absolute delight to witness. She wants to be pure without guilt weighing her down every second. Her heart and soul were stained for ever with guilt and shame of hunting animals, killing them. Worst part is to watch them die in front of her. She endured all this, but to what ends? To keep her word, which gave to her dying mother on her death-bed. This character attracted me in ways I can’t quite articulate. I liked every bit of her. Even though for the first few hundred pages she acts like a stupid and ignorant human in front of the High Lord of Spring Court, she dares to do what has to be done at the end.

Words. How can I forget about this. The author made it so easy on our part to understand the very intricate and complex relationships and subtle nuances of this unknown, virgin lands of beauty. I fell in love with The Prythian Lands. The amazing things that existed in the lands unknown to mankind and never ventured by the Faeries. It just blew my mind.

Tamlin. Yeah, the beast. I felt it is kind of similar to Beauty and The Beast, actually it is. The first book, is a retelling of Beauty and The Beast, a famous children’s classic. So, coming back to Tamlin. He is the High Lord of Spring Court. Unlike his father and brothers he chose the right path to lead. His power is a symbol of love and forgiving nature but not struggle and fear. I liked that about him. Even though he lived through the Great War and saw atrocities which would have blinded any other man of his little semblance and rational thinking and made him into a real beast which he is, he kept quiet.The beast inside him wants to devour but the lover and sweet and gentle disguise he puts on just makes every girl in the Prythian lands to go crazy. His beauty or glamour is not really physical, it is the inner glow that lights up and makes him look thousand times more handsome than any other man known to mortal women. His humility and kindness. Yes, that is what made me glued to the book till the end.

Lies. Truth is nothing but a shortened version of a lie. Yeah, if you don’t want to lie just leave out the very important information from the conversation and say nothing about it until the time had bid. When the time has finally come, just say I never told I would do now. That is how High Lords and Queens like to play. They never lie but they never tell you everything that you want to know. This was a very interesting thing, if you closely look, this is the key to entire story. Not revealing everything at once.

Things I Absolutely Abhorred of This Book:

Lot of inappropriate scenes. Yeah, at one point of time, I really felt like I was reading some erotic novel. The story is good, the characters cling to you so well. This book is a very refined version of were-wolf sagas. Were-beasts. The point is, why show or describe so many of those inappropriate scenes. May be they are necessary to keep the readers hooked to the story. But even though I hated something like that in the middle of an interesting story twist, I like them. They kind of felt perfect for the moment. Having them in the right places made the story more realistic even though nothing about it is real.

Most of the book is exploring the love between Tamlin and Feyre. I expected something much more elegant and opulent in the book. The scenes and the palaces mentioned in the book were grand enough but there is something lacking in the book. This was my feeling until 200 pages after that the story ran at a very fast pace with a lot of action from Feyre. This what I was waiting for. Feyre, running, killing, and cold-heartedly killing monsters that did nothing good but cause a lot of havoc in the wake of them.

That is all for the hate list. Overall I like the book. I was in a long reading slump and this book got me through it. I am going to read more of Sarah J Mass’s books. This lady is amazing. You won’t believe until you experience the magic of her words. Don’t think much, if you need a refreshing book with fairies and long distant lands uninhibited by mankind? This book perfectly fits in that category.

If you think you liked my review like the post or If you think I could have done better leave a comment and If you think this totally sucked, dislike it or just don’t do anything!

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4 Laptops That You Should Consider Buying In 2017, If You Are A Blogger!

There are a ton of Laptops out there. Asus, Dell, HP, Apple and the list goes on and on. So, to make your lives easier I have complied a list of potential Laptops to buy, for bloggers like me. A blogging laptop should have extra battery life with good keyboard. Also, we need a lot of memory space to store all the files. Blogging Laptops don’t need high performance like Intel Kaby Lake or Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

Without Further Ado, Let’s Talk About the Slick and Slim Laptops of Today!!

Number One Chromebook: These are not conventional laptops. If you have never heard of them, here you go. These laptops run on Chrome OS and they don’t have any hard disk space(A minimum space of 4GB to 32GB). Everything you do goes into google cloud. There are in a way stripped down version of regular laptops. As I told you bloggers don’t need high performance laptops. Chromebooks are a perfect fit for bloggers.

Chromebooks work mainly on chrome web browser. Basically these laptops are for browsing and typing. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a laptop. These chromebooks come at a vert cheap price. Unless you are thinking of Google Pixel Chromebook.

Asus Flip 1

The finest Chromebook of 2017 is Asus Flip Chromebook. The body is super slick and a ton features like high battery life(critical when you are traveling and you have to update your blog), easy to carry, excellent keyboard, micro SD card slot(to transfer photos from the camera without searching for a card reader!).

Asus Flip 4

I can probably go on and on about this. The only thing which made me cringe about this laptop is hard disk space. I know Chromebooks are not cut for that, but still it would be so nice to have a chromebook with 1TB disk space. But that should not hold you back from buying this state of the art laptop. Do not buy this laptop if you don’t have proper WiFi access or cellular data access. The entire premise of buying this laptop strongly depends on Wifi availability. Without that there is nothing much you can do with this.

Specfications: CPU: Rockchip Quad-Core RK3288C Processor|RAM: Rockchip Quad-Core RK3288C Processor| Storage: – 16GB eMMC | Display: 10.1″ 16:10 WXGA (1280×800)/Wide View Angle LED Backlight Glare panel | Graphics: Integrated Rockchip® Mali T764

Tech Radar Asus Flip

 Buy From Amazon India

I will link down the detailed review on this chromebook by Tech Radar.

Number Two MacBook Pro 2017: This minion here is so much better than its predecessor MacBook Pro 2016. If you don’t mind the price bracket this is the perfect laptop for anyone in this world. It has amazing video editing and photo editing suites built-in. Also, the 13.3” inch display just takes your breath away longer than you might wonder. The keyboard is absolute beauty with feather touch bar on top function keys. With a solid 128 or 256 GB SSD discs, this laptop stands in the first place for me but in the blog post it comes after the chromebooks not because it is lacking something because most of us would be hesitant to buy Mac but not a chromebook. Apple products are overpriced but there is absolutely nothing better than Apple in the market.

The best part about Mackbook Pro 2017 is Universal Type C ports. You can charge, transfer data and plug-in your USB headphones or any other peripheral in the same port. It has two thunderbolt 3.0 ports(USB Type C), which makes all our lives much easier. Also, you don’t have to keep pushing the USB cord until you find the right way to insert the cable. Everyside is the right side. USB Type C has this special feature where the USB plug is same on both the sides.

If you are a blogger, you might probably be doing multitasking right? As of now my firebox browser has 17 tabs open at the same time. Your computer RAM needs to be really great if it has to handle that kind of inputs. Macbook Pro 2017 is all about comfort and accessibility and it most certainly allows you to do great multitasking.

13-inch model with Touch Bar

Specfications: CPU: 3.1GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz, with 64MB of eDRAM| RAM: 8 GB of 2133 MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory| Storage: 256 GB PCIe onboard  SSD | Display: 13.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology| Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650

Detailed Tech Specs with Price and color choices

Macbook Pro 2017 1

Image Source: CNET.COM/

A detailed review by Tech Radar on Apple’s latest wonder

Number Three Dell XPS 13: Many people are willing the pay the price for Mac but they don’t want Mac Seirra OS. Well, Dell XPS series is a best alternative. It is the Mac of Windows. It has the same specs as Macbook Pro 2017 but the speaker quality is very poor compared to Mac. This is still a very great laptop. Also, this laptop comes with the touchscreen feature. None of the Macbook Pro’s ever had touch screen feature. I think this is great feature to have in a laptop.

When compared to Macbook pro 2017, Dell XPS has extra 8 GB RAM which means more multitasking capabilities. But the processor speed is less in Dell, as I told you blogging laptops don’t need a lot of processing speed unless you want to edit videos. The graphics card is also a standard Intel HD graphics 620. Macbook pro has 256 GB of SSD memory but XPS went up to 512 GB of SSD memory for the same price bracket.

The body of the laptop looks so good and beautiful. The size is considerably small and compact. I think if you are not OK with buying a laptop with Mac OS, this is the next best alternative for you.

Specifications: CPU: 2.7GHz Intel Core i7-7500U | RAM: 16GB DDR3 SDRAM 1,866MHz | Storage: SSD512GB SSD | Display:13.3-inch 3,200×1,800 touchscreen | Graphics: 128MB dedicated Intel HD Graphics 620

Dell XPS 3

Image Source: CNET.COM/

A detailed review by CNET on Dell XPS 13

Number Four HP Spectre x360 13: I have been using HP Envy M6 for about three years now and I absolutely love it. HP Spectre is not that different from Envy series. It has great RAM, which means more capability for multitasking. 16GB of LPDDR3 can easily handle 50 to 60 tabs on your browser. The Laptop itself is cute and small weighing hardly 1KG, which is perfect for travelling. The disadvantage is worst battery life. This is a 4K display screen which would suck out most of the power. This is trade-off between performance and battery life. By all means I would go for Dell XPS than HP Spectre. Because Dell is so much better and I love working on windows.

The speaker quality is not that great but if you are headphones guy then it won’t be of much problem. The keyboard and track pad is just perfect for blogging atmosphere with its Hyper-threading capabilities. Except for battery life I love everything about his laptop.

Specifications: CPU: 2.7GHz Intel Core i7-7500U | RAM: 16GB DDR4 SDRAM 1,866MHz | Storage: SSD512GB SSD | Display:13.3-inch 3,840×2,160 touch display | Graphics: 128MB dedicated Intel HD Graphics 620

hp sepctre 360 1

Image Source: CNET.COM/

A detailed review by CNET on HP Sepctre x360 13

That is it fellas on “Four laptops that you should consider buying for blogging purposes”. I know the laptops are too expensive. Next time I will try to come up with best low budget laptops for blogging.

Tell me what you think about this article and if you have anything to say abou this, please do in the comments section below.

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The Tech I Use Everyday And I Think You Should You Use Them Too!

Technology, it is a great thing actually. I cannot imagine a day go by without my smart phone or my laptop for that matter. We need tech and we thrive on the very hope of using better tech. So, here you go fellas! The Tech I Use Everyday.

1.Smart Phone

From the time I wake up till the time I go back to bed, my smartphone stays with me. Even though there is a strict ban on mobile phones inside the college campus, I sneak it in. I just love having my mobile at my side all the time. In case there is an emergency I don’t want to search for one when I need it the most. I use a pretty shitty mobile phone but that is more than enough for my purposes. I mostly use it for Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Calendar, Calling and Emailing. That is it. That is all I do with my mobile phone. I use Asus Zenfone 2. The cool things about my phone

  • It has 4GB RAM
  • 13 Mega Pixels Back Camera ( Which suffices all my photo clicking urges)
  • 5 Mega Pixel Front Camera( I love Selfies and I want to take them all the time, but my shitty front camera gives away)
  • 32 GB internal memory(Awesome to store tons of photos and videos)
  • Sleek Mobile Design

2.Mobile Apps(Android)

There are certain apps which gets me through the day and I think they would help you a lot too.

The first one Google Calendar: I love this little thing. I schedule almost everything on my calendar. I don’t remember stuff and this helps me do it period. The best way to sync between your calendar and emails. It automatically adds travel timings and other meetings from the inbox straight to the calendar. How awesome is that?

The second one Google Keep: I see something useful or something which I won’t remember for long; It definitely goes into Google Keep. It is a kind of digital post it.

The third one WordPress Reader: If you are a WordPress Blogger or you have a lot of WordPress blogs to keep track off, you can go ahead and download this. Basically it is a WordPress website in the form of an app. It comes in very handy.

The fourth one CamScanner: I use a lot of paper and it is very hard for me to keep track of things. Also, I prefer things digital. So, I Scan all the paperwork and store them in PDF format. If you want to sync the data across all the platforms you use, you can go ahead and upload them in google drive or drop box. I personally prefer Google Drive because it gives lot more storage than drop box or one drive, also I use a lot of google products.

The fifth one Flipboard: God do I love this app? I am very lazy to go and hit the google just to know what is happening around me. This app keeps me updated all the time. This is really just a bunch of blogs jammed into a single app.

So, there are my six frequently used apps everyday.

3. Laptop

Next my laptop(HP Envy M6 Notebook PC, 1225dx). Sometimes, I hesitate to get my phone to the campus. What if someone confiscates my cutie pie? Laptops are allowed, so I have it open all the time when I am not in the class. Mostly I use my laptop for college work and blogging. So, all I need is a bunch of good text editors and some software development platforms or IDE’s( because I am web developer and I create websites for fun. If you are in need of one just ping me to my Email).

4. Writing Platforms

Most of the text editing goes in Microsoft Word and Google Docs(Because you don’t have to save the file and upload it in the google drive. I hate to carry flash drives so I upload everything in my google drive). It is very easy for me to get around my messy working habits. Often I forget the pen drive which has the report or something like that. Google drive is the best option for me. That is the one more major reason why I prefer Google Docs. The document gets saved directly to the drive and it makes my life much easier. If you are not as bad as I am, you can try out other stuff too.

5.Coding Platforms

If you are coding freak like me, you can take my advice and use these cool IDE’s. If you are not skip this section and read the next one!

Brackets: I use this for web development. I can code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular and whatever I want to do in my website I can code it in this IDE.

Android Studio: This is pretty obvious. Everyone uses Android Studio to develop apps. I am still figuring out this area. I am not a pro but I like to develop simple apps and games using basic Java coding. If you want to code stuff in Java it is better you use Eclipse. 

PyCharm by IntelliJ: I am learning python and this is a pretty good platform if beginners. I have been using this for couple of months I am totally satisfied with this.

6. A Portable Power Bank

To charge my phone I carry my portable power bank(It is a Syska 1200 mAh Power Bank). I usually do a lot of research before I buy a headphones or a tablet. This one I just walked into an Electronic store in a mall and bought it right away. I bought the first one I saw. I paid like 1800 Rupees on this piece. I came back and checked the prices on Amazon, the same 12000 mAh power banks costed around 800. That is less than half the price I bought for. The reason behind this mysterious purchase is pretty long and I will save that for another time.

So, that is it fellas. This is the amount of tech I use on daily basis. I think I am using pretty healthy quantities, aren’t I? Like and share if you I think I am making some sense and also I would love it hear what you use everyday. May be you can give me some suggestions.

Until Next Time
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Life Update: A Restless tale..

Yeah! It feels so good to be back with a blog post. I have been dying to make one, unfortunately I haven’t found much time to read or write. I have applied for a 3+2 Dual Degree Program in KTH Royal Univeristy, Stockholm, Sweden. The place is beautiful and the university.. God I want to be there. Well, I won’t know whether I have been selected until January. I hope I get selected.

So, I was busy with 2 projects and internal exams. Pop Quizzes are a real mess. They are easy but irritating. My life this month was pretty much classroom and my dorm room. Well, in this tight schedule I managed to squeeze in time to go out and try out some new food. One more important thing – I am eating chicken again! I was kind of in a slump and I wanted get out of it. I went  into a cafe and ordered some chicken burger and Latte Mocha. I felt a lot better.

Yeah, so, I went to this place Mighty Paws. That place is a little heaven. It is so calm and it just takes your mind off of things. If you live in Bangalore, go ahead and stroll into this mini cafe. I am sure you will love it. The burgers are jumbo sized and the price is just perfect. Coffee- I simply loved. Right now, I would do anything to get a cup of that coffee. Oh! I also tried cottage cheese pizza, it was absolute deliciousness. A perfect meal in that spot would be a Chicken Stroganoff with some hot coffee steaming off your table with some fries. Hell Yeah! it would be heaven. I have visited that place like 5 times in a 3 weeks.

That was my safe house. Whenever i feel stressed I escape to that cafe and spend my 2 hours of freedom in solace. * Listening to Everything Has Changed ~ Taylor Swift ( I am a huge fan of that Gal!)*

I somehow managed to read one book ~ Everyone is Made of Molecules, I really don’t remember the author’s name. I can see the book lying on my table, I am so lazy to get up from  my top bunker and get the book.

May be when I am done with Internals, I will post the review for the same. One thing is for sure, I haven’t slept properly in days and I have  no idea what I am going to do with my life. I am clueless. I want to be many things, I want to do many things… and in the run for all those things, I am loosing focus on the most important stuff I should be working on. God knows what the hell am I going to do.

I went nuts a couple of days back and binge watched Blacklist 4 seasons. I completed 4 seasons in five days. That also helped me to take my mind off certain things. I really want to be normal. I wish everything goes back to normal. I am super stressed and super tensed. I am totally freaking out! I know this is a very scare life update. I can’t fathom how can I ever get out of this little hell hole I am living in. Everything is a problem until we solve it. Right now, I want to solve them all!

Phew!! I think I should take a nap. I am sure I will be able to spend more time on my blog and dearery books.

Common  on Bitches! Bring it on..
Sritha Bandla


Exploring the depths of Professor Severus Snape!

I am a great bit of a fan of Harry Potter you see? Most of my blog posts would some way refer to different characters in Harry Potter series. These days, well, it has become a bit an obsession to me. This month, a day didn’t pass without reading or watching Harry Potter. Through this extensive obsession, I have found out some very new things you  might be interested in. I love all the characters in Harry Potter, most importantly Severus Snape. That character is just unsettling and I can’t seem to not think about it. More than any other character in the series I have turned my focus entirely into this particular one, when I was re-reading the series. I found out how a tad-bit of perspective change can bring new meaning to things. I loved it this time, more than ever.

So, my article will be wholly based on Snape’s point of view.

Without further Ado Let’s Jump Right into the Post!

A character which took the breath out of me, the death of  which left me crying for days. Even now, I think about him, all I could do is cry. There is no energy left in me to clean those tears and turn the page. Nevertheless, he died a hero and he lives in the memory of everyone as a hero, contrary to everybody’s initial beliefs.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The Philosopher’s stone.

The staff of Hogwarts were seated on the high table with loads of delicious food placed in front of them. As mouth-watering as it was, they couldn’t start the meal without Headmaster finishing his speech. Students were eagerly waiting to grab a spoon of that mouth watering pumpkin pie or chicken and ham intricately floating in the mid-air. The sorting ceremony is over, everyone is happy except for one. Severus Snape. This man with jet black hair falling on his ears from either sides sat their quietly eyeing Mr, Potter. If you take a close look, it seems bit scary eh? But who is this man? Why is he so unhappy? Well, one reason, he didn’t get the post he wanted. Despite his repeated trails for the Defence Against Dark Arts job, he successfully failed to get it.

Was it the only reason he was sad and utterly gloomy about? There is something in his eyes, the pain and suffocation which is ebbing up but some how it couldn’t figure out a way to come streaming back out. Right now, it had been 11 years and Dark Lord didn’t attempt to summon his loyal servants (Death Eaters). The atmosphere seemed quiet cheerful, the wave of happiness is spreading faster than a plague. Amidst all this excitement, only two of them knew – could predict what was to come. They knew that they had not much time until the Lord Voldemort shows up. Severus Snape being a Death Eater must have caught the wind that Lord Voldemort is in the trials of coming back.

Snape knew what was to be done to the boy who lived. He must die… The invisible promise he made to himself that he wouldn’t let Lily Evan, his only true love’s death go in vain by not protecting her child Harry Potter. He feels eternally guilty for the most foolish deed he had committed nearly a decade ago. He  punishes himself everyday for that very sin he had committed. How can he ever forgive himself? The remorse and guilt are common for any human being, but holding it in for 10 very long years is very uncommon.

Snape was bought up in a very disturbed family. He was not loved by his parents or any others. He was considered a freak, though he has done anything more than doing a little magic which is not known to the muggle world. May be if he was born in a normal Wizarding family, people would have understood him. Troubled childhood can leave very dark marks on a person’s soul. The problem with them is the marks or stains they grow with the person and after certain age they can never be erased what so ever we do. That pain can only be understood by a person who faced the same. Snape was disturbed and tortured by his own parents and bullied by everyone.

He never really had any friends. He had little to no social life at all. He was vulnerable. When a person feels vulnerable they seek comfort in somethings which might not be of normal accord, like Snape took comfort in excelling in Dark Arts. He felt proving that he can do something others can’t, might help him replace that inferiority complex he has with something beautiful and lively. But it never did really help him get past the problems and very rude memories he had from his childhood. The only thing which kept him alive for all those years was Lily Evans and now she is gone.

How can he ever feel normal? Some say, bullying and tortured childhood will not produce a dark wizard unless and until one wishes to be a dark wizard. That is true, Snape might be selfish, arrogant, suffering from an invisible curio curse, but I will tell you this, there is nothing wrong with him and he is the most intelligent character I have seen in the entire series. It is he who saves everyone at the end of the day. He saved Harry’s life, more than a dozen times and who risks their life every single day to protect someone who he hates clearly? No one! It is extremely depressing, since there is no other way. He has to do it anyway.  

The anger and frustration bottled up till today, are itching to come out in full force. He knows he can’t hold it in. God knows how many nervous break downs he had in his office chambers far away in the dungeons of Hogwarts, where no one can listen to his painful sob. One thing Snape hates to show is his weaknesses. He hides them very well. Snape is no different from Harry or Dumbledore. It is the way we see things. The entire series was written in Harry’s Perspective.

Well, we didn’t know what Snape risked until the very end. He was a great wizard. May be we all just missed so many of such side stories which J K Rowling didn’t give us.

Is there any living family to Snape? Does he care about them? Does he really trust in Voldemort? Was he just acting like he trusted Dumbledore and he never really wanted be a double agent? May be he stayed in Hogwarts only because he gave his word to Dumbledore. Even then Snape stood by his word and respected it. He was a death eater he could have taken off just like that and no one could question him, except his crooked conscience which had already suffered a death-blow when he witnessed Lily die.

Did he really do all this just to stay clear of his conscience?

Either way he is great man. A man on whom you can count upon when you are in grave danger. I agree he is not that reflective when it comes to his emotions, but that is the only way he knows to survive.

Severus Snape didn’t fight in the front lines of the Hogwarts Battle but he was busy letting himself die in the hands of Voldemort. How could he fight when he is merely holding on to the delicate strings of his life. He promised Malfoy’s mom that he would protect Malfoy and made an unbreakable Vow.

If he told the real reason why the Elder Wand was not bending to the Lord Voldemort’s will, Snape would still be alive and Malfoy would be dead.

He kept his promise and let himself die instead of an innocent boy. Don’t you think he is selfless?

In the middle of saving everyone he lost his life. He never failed any of his promises. He fulfilled them all and at the end to a man like that death was the only souvenir left. Death has a very funny meaning in Wizarding world I presume. Atleast, after he left his physical body let him find what he always wanted to find – peace. Hell yeah! he is going to meet the love of his life after 16 years.

Secretly, in the hope of meeting Lily he must have let Lord Voldemort murder him. 

At the end everyone is right in their own way. They have their reasons to be who they are. There is no good or evil. Life is not so binary like yes or no. There is a lot in between those choices. We humans are the most complicated beings. We make mistakes, everyone does. Some will luckily get you where you wanted and some will leave with utter despair and inexplicable pain. Either ways, how cleverly you make your choices there is no 100% gurantee that is the right one. In fact there is no such thing as right. What is right according to you may be wrong according to somebody else. That is what had happened in the tale of The Boy Who Lived – Harry Potter. Harry, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Sirius, James and Lily Potter, all of them had comitted some mistakes they all regret and they never can change what they chose to do. It is nobody’s falut that Voldemort is the way he is and Lily Potter was the one to die that unfortunate day in Godric’s Hallow.

A family was murdered but the wizarding world escaped the wrath of Lord Voldemort for nearly two decades. Imagine how many lives did Lily and Jamed Potter saved night!

Love Severus Snape

Sritha Bandla 


Why do people talk about Harry Potter?

Hi! What up fellas? How you doin? Weekend is upfront and I am jam-packed with my weekend study schedule. That doesn’t in any way prove that I am a nerd. On a daily basis I talk about Harry Potter, wait 1 hour a day? No, 3 … wait… all the time! I love Harry Potter and over the years all it has done is spread more love. I love J K Rowling as a person. I don’t think she is just any other author, who wants to hit the shelves of teens with their glossy books. Genuinely, she is a good person and I think she is a badass. I have a zillion reasons for why I like Harry Potter. The interesting thing is many people out there in the muggle world don not LIKE Harry Potter. There are a few stupid youtubers ( I don’t think I should mention their names) spread this disease with illogical points. What do they even know about Harry Potter to criticize it. May be I see good in every FREAKING thing. That doesn’t matter. There is a lot to Harry Potter than just what they call Movies. BOOKS. They are a whole new world. 

This article is about why I like Harry Potter and I will be justifying some of the youtubers stupid logical questions. Yess! 

Without further Ado, Let’s Jump right into the platform 9 3/4!

Why I like Harry Potter?

Is it the characters or because it is so cool to go to a magic school like Hogwarts. Wait…. Is it because they use spells like Expecto Patronum or Vengadium Leviosa? I cannot state a single reason for why I like Harry Potter. I think nobody in this world would be able to justify why they like HP. It just happened. Like the first love. 

I am not even qualified to review books like HP. That is the reason I never criticize that series. All I do is LOVE. 

First the characters, they are very deep and over the course of seven books they evolve like crazy. There are probably too many characters who had a very significant contribution to the plot. Many people think that this series has many fillers and those fillers. they don’t essential contribute to the ending. Well, that thing I am going to talk about it a bit later.

Next the plot. The story just flows. You don’t feel disconnected or distant. I was with the characters in Hogwarts when I was reading those books. The story sucks you in. This is not a typical magic realism story. It affected people and in ways it changed lives of the characters remarkably. At the end, each character had a role to participate in, every one of them was needed. Needless to say, HP is an epic and it is going to live another century without a hint of doubt. 

The characterization and imagery she used to express the world of magic is truly unbelievable. Detailing and creating a whole new spell book! Tell me about it. I know every freaking spell ever used in HP books. You know what, I have spell book app and I use it very often to brush up my basics for the upcoming O.W.L exams. Yeah, I am kidding.

I have just mentioned three essential things which ought to be there in any meaningful book. Yet, people go on and blabber some serious shit about this series. People are allowed have options but they should not just mollify something as beautiful and authentic as HP just to get more viewers and readers. By all means HP is an amazing book for any age group and for god’s sake kids love it. It has lived for 20 years from the genesis of the first book. How do you think HP survived 20 long years in a world that is changing this fast. We didn’t know what internet is 20 years ago. Now we have high-speed internet and Lifi coming up.

Now I want to dive into justifying all those questions, I have collected by watching more than 20 youtube videos.

1.Why did J K Rowling use wands of all the things she could have used? May be a staff or an orb would have been fantastic?

If you feel the same thing as this youtuber felt, there is nothing wrong in it. Harry Potter was created for kids under 12. That age group kids, they want things differently than an 15-year-old teen. Fairy god mother’s weapon of choice was a wand! It is a fairy tale. Well, in reality HP is also a fairy tale, but a one which any age group person can read and re-read without feeling bored and disgusted by it. If you can’t read it, probably there is something wrong with you! My point being, wand used in HP is not a symbol of power or superiority, it is just how kids would understand magic more clearly and relate with it. May be using an Orb or staff might have done the job, but Rowling chose the wand and there is nothing wrong about it. If you hate HP because, they use wands, I think you should read HP books again. This time, avoid watching the movie first


2. Why are there so many fillers in the story, which don’t contribute to the ending? Why don’t we see the ending coming?

Hhaha! This one is probably a valid question. There are many fillers indeed. Most of these fillers are ignored in the movies, because they knew those little plot lines are no way related to the actual story. Let me tell you this. If you read HP, without all those subtle side stories, you would probably not complete the series, you may even leave it in the first few hundred pages. That is what makes HP special. Every character has its own story. We as readers may not see that connection, but those stories are indeed required for the final act. If you think that is too much, you may skip the pages, but don’t hate Harry Potter because of it.

3. Why did Dumbledore leave Harry with Aunt Petunia and his uncle? Harry potter himself had mentioned in the books that those are his 10 miserable years of life. Probably he would never rehashing thoughts about his childhood.

That is totally true and this can be one of the mistakes Dumbledore has ever done in his life. If you think only muggles can do mistakes, there you go, that is a humongous mistake. Wizards… sometimes tend take bad decisions. Being a wizard doesn’t prove in any way that they are the best decision makers in the whole of universe. One way to see this is, may be Hogwarts was not safe for Harry. Later in the book, you would come to know that Hogwarts which is supposed to be the safest place for all the wizards and witches is not safe anymore.
Also, if Harry was given for adoption, there is no guarantee that they would treat him any better than Aunt Petunia. In one way, Aunt Petunia is family and she would at least not sell him to human trafficking dealers for money. Even though Harry’s aunt hated him, she cared for him. When Hagrid first came to collect Harry, she wanted Harry to stay, because she knew what happened to her sister and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him. Isn’t that what you call caring? 

I think that is enough Harry Hate for one day. Oh MY Gosh, I feel like I did a holly sin. Blasphemist. *Crying* So, let’s add some life into our weekend lives. Here you go, I have hand-picked 3 youtube videos for you, and you  have got to watch them…. 

The first one is DIY Harry Potter Wand tutorial and I just can’t belive how easy it is to make a freaking ELDER WAND! 

Link for the video :

The second one is Harry Potter School Supplies ~ DIY ! The summer is almost over and we all have to get back to our lives real soon, why not make something really cool that you can carry it around even when your lives are so miserable.. take a look at this guys. Adela… She is brilliant to make such a useful video..

Link for the video:

The third and most interesting one is Harry Potter room decor. ~ Again it is DIY. Nothing big actually, really simple and crazy looking room decor stuff. If you are a Harry fan, you have got to try this!!!

Link for the video:

Sorry for the very long post. This is about Harry Potter, can’t be shorter in any means. At least I have to do justice to the voluminous seventh book of HP. I know the last sentence didn’t mean anything but I am not going to press backspace. Too lazy to do that. Don’t ask me why I am still typing. I don’t know!!

If you are a Harry Potter fan, please share your opinion on this article below in the comments section. If you are not, well at least try to read the post and give me a thumbs up by clicking the like button. LOL. Okay, then. Bye!!

Happy Weekend
Sritha Bandla


Why I hate Romance novels? I have lots to tell!

Hi! What up fellas? Doing great? It is that time of the week again. Well, I don’t why I said that. It is the middle of the week and everybody got their own shit to do. For me, blogging is a way of refreshing my brain and clearing out all the unwanted stuff piling up from Monday! Yeah, I hate Mondays. Who wants to go to college after weekend slumber? Definitely not me. The fact that I am talking about college and laziness hints that I am alright and there is nothing special going on in my life, except for one thing. LIve In Labs, the course I took this semester. The course description sounded so good, guess what? it scarred the living hell out of me! It is a nightmare, but I like it. I like challenges and this course is full of that.. Umm.. I guess I am losing my focus now. Let me get back to the article. I promise I am going to post a whole new article for my summer trip and this new course I took.

Without further ado let’s dive right into the article.

Why do anyone hate Romance novels?

They are all sweet and talks about people and their emotions mostly? Well, I have no idea about them, yet I hate them to the core. Why? Why? Why? I am a kind of person who prefers intellectual characters over dumb and emotionally weak ones. I am not saying all the Romance novels are bad. I am also not offending anyone here. Hey, I am just trying to make a point. May be all this is my delusion and there is still more to that than what I know. But, Yo, this what I feel. If you think I am wrong, reprimand all you want in the comment section below and who knows, you might change my opinion.

So, the point is romance novels are centered around the concept love and sex. Most of them of course. Again I am not speaking for every romance novel ever written. Just the ones that I know, belive me I have done a lot of research. Love and Sex are the most deadly things in one’s life. The first one, everyone experiences it. Everyone, literally everyone in the world except for some socially awkward loner noob.

Why do people write such type of novels?  

Listen to me here, we all want those two things in our life, most of us won’t get them right away. The people who desperate, go for this novels. Some people who are not also read them, may they want to add an extra perspective or they just want to know how things work. That is fair enough. 

I am not talking about the books which touch hearts and make us cry all the way till the end. They are beautiful. But those books which concentrate more on sex than love spoil the essence of life and reading the book itself. They defeat the purpose of their own existence. If you take a closer look, all those books, they don’t have much story in it, no imagery or world building. Authors jump right into the scene and they have a very closer look at the surroundings than most of the other genre books. If you take fantasy, it is all about how you see things. The author makes a clear description of every item and every single atom lying in the scene and you get a good grip of the story. But in the books which I am talking about, it is all about the people, not much appreciation of the surroundings. Not even the house or room the scene is situated. I hate it when I can’t see what the character is seeing. 

That was my first reason to hate such books. May be you see things differently and you might even like such books. Hey, I am not judging any one here. I am speaking my heart. The other reason I hate them, they don’t have any logic. I am very uncomfortable reading a romance story between a girl and her step brother. What in the god’s hell the author is thinking? It doesn’t make any sense to me. May be it does to some people. Please enlighten  me.

I have read like two to three novels of that sort and that is done. I know I didn’t like them from the beginning. It grossed me out the second I read the blurb. Have you ever read those billionaire and a poor chick stories? I haven’t but the blurb says it all. Don’t have to read it. Sometimes I see beautiful pieces of literature like The Kite Runner or The Book Theif and then these books which just pops out of the blue and just comes in my book bub subscription every day. I unchecked that genre and that is it, now a days I am not getting any suggestions for free kindle e books.

I have downloaded a few of those books but never really got through the book and reached the end. I used to stop it in the middle or leave it in the first few pages. When one of my friend saw my kindle, she was surprised. The look she gave me says it all. I knew she was grossed out and she would have never expected me to read alpha male kind of novels. From that day, I maintain my distance from that genre.

Yeah, that is about me and my hatred for that specific genre. It is very harsh to use the word hatred, but that is how I feel about them … * barring her teeth*

Disclaimer: I am very sorry, if any of the reader felt offensive or hurt because of this article. Trust me, this is not my best articel ever and I was just trying to make a point. Speaking  my heart. This is a very personal opinion and it doesn’t reflect my blog or me. And one more thing, please don’t judge me ( Did I really ask that?) I might have! Phew!!!! Thanks a ton for reading guys……..

Happy Reading
Sritha Bandla

BOOK REVIEW ~ The Alchemyst By Micheal Scott

the alchemyst

The history behind the purchase of this book is very funny. Well, I will not tell that because it is quite embarrassing. It is best left to your imagination. If you  have a guess, please do comment below, I won’t bite. Hahah. Okay, this book has been there with me for around 2 years and I never thought of opening it. Leave about reading it. It always kind of intimidated me. The book about secrets of Nicholas Flammel? I was also intrigued because Nicholas Flammel is a HP character. Though there is literally nothing about him except that he has Philosophers stone. I always wanted to know about this mysterious guy. Believe me this book is nothing about his real existence or something. It is pure fiction but based on many real life facts and legends. The author, I think did a humongous research before he delved into this mystic world of powers. This a series of six books. All are amazing, trust me. If you read one, you will want to read the next!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the review.

One more thing, it has been so long since I read this book. May be if I re read this series I might not like it that much. This review is based on my initial feelings and thoughts. This might be tad bit clumsy, but I will try to make it as lucid as possible.

I usually hate to put Good reads blurbs in my blog. I have no other way, I am so tired now. Lot of college work. Also I want to talk more about what I like in this book rather than spending more time on the plot.

Nicholas Flamel was born in Paris on 28 September 1330. Nearly seven hundred years later, he is acknowledged as the greatest Alchemyst of his day. It is said that he discovered the secret of eternal life. The records.png

# Book Review

The book begins with the twins working their summer jobs in different shops but quite near by. I will tell you this, when I first began to read the book, I had no idea what type of magic they are going to use or what spells they will use. I was taken aback with the magic. The magic they use is so pure ( in my opinion, I truly believe in elemental magic and I admire authors who write good about that). May be that is the reason I like ” The magisterium series” by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. I love Harry Potter too. Well, I literally feed on HP everyday. My FB wall is full of HP memes and other HP related stuff. Yet somewhere deep inside I think the wand magic is artificial and I don’t completely agree with that kind of thing.

To begin with, that is what stole my heart in the first place. The Elemental Magic.The second thing, the story is relatable, not all of it but some parts of the twins lives actually were human. The third thing, I love books with more world building. HP comes at the top of the list. This book is no less than HP. It has beautiful descriptions of places, I would probably never visit in  my life and the book was alive talking directly to me. I think the last part is the thing which took away the hesitation I had before picking up the next book in this series.

The author managed to fit in many historical characters and heroes right into the main plot of the story. Reading this book will also give you a good idea on all mythological legends and stories that existed for ages. The whole story is set in present day world, but the gist of it makes you feel as if you are in an old colossal museum of facts that you didn’t know exsisted. This book talks about creatures which didn’t walk this planet for eons.

It is just amazing. To think about stuff like this, makes me crazy. Once I started this series I never left it.

I don’t want this to be a huge review, which will probably go over your head or it will leave you confused in the middle. So, that is it from my side. You give me your take on this series. If you have another elemental magic related books that you have read and appreciated please let me know below in the comments section. I could really use a book like that right now. This engineering stuff, just beats the shit out of me.

Happy Reading
Sritha Bandla

Bookish Interview with E G Wilson ~ Voiceless

Hi, What’s up everyone? Having great plans for your weekend? Well, I just got an email from E G Wilson. Finally I got my answers. She is so sweet, even though she had a lot of pre release work for her upcoming book Voiceless(for which I have left a review here) she made time for me. I am so touched.

A quick review on the book: The book is amazing and after I heard her side of the story, I am just so lucky to have picked up that one.

Without further ado, I will get into the Interview

#Bookish Interview with E G Wilson!

I am very glad that I could get a chance to interview you, Ms Wilson. Here are few questions which Ms Wilson has answered. I sent her a huge list of questions but still she answered as many as she could.

1. Where did you get the idea for Voiceless? (I think this book goes beyond any superficial reasons.)

Book ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. For Voiceless, the germ of the idea came to me a few years back when I was going through a rough time at work. It was probably the worst headspace I’ve ever been in (I’ve since quit that job). But talking things through with a counsellor helped. She said something about me and my identity, and a fear associated with that identity, and it sparked off an idea for a book. 

Of course, from that point I still had to develop the idea and the characters and the plot and everything. It takes time. And thought. 

But that’s where it all started.

2. Tell us something about Voiceless. Who/What was your motivation to finish this book?

Oh, I like a challenge. Once I’ve started writing a book, I don’t stop until I’ve finished it. 

3. What did you edit out of this book?

Telling you that would take a ridiculous amount of time and, what’s more, would be boring for you to read. You don’t want to know how many adverbs my editor caught. You really don’t.

4. How many hours a day do you write?

0 – 14.
Honestly, it depends on a whole range of factors — if I’m scheduled to work at my day job/s, if I’m up to an exciting bit, if I’m knee-deep in a first draft or tinkering with plot development or having a break to recharge… you know. Between projects, I have days where I don’t write at all. During a project, I can write for hours. 
I don’t judge progress by how many hours that day I’ve written. I (and I think most writers) judge by number of words written. Sometimes a good day is squeezing in 500 words in your lunch hour. Sometimes it’s getting up at 5am and saying “okay, I’m going to write a thousand words before breakfast.” (I do this! It works for me. Not every day, though.) And, too, it depends on my concentration. Usually when I’m writing a first draft, I set a 2,000 word minimum goal for the day, six days a week. Some days I get that done in an hour and half — and then I might stop, or I might keep going and reach 6,000 words or more for the day. Other days it might be 7pm before I hit the 2,000th word. 
Writing is an art, not a science.

5. What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

I don’t know about under-appreciated, but the last novel I read that I absolutely fell in love with was George Orwell’s 1984. I know it’s a classic, but somehow I’d never read it before this year. Breathtaking.

6. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Chill out. Keep writing. Keep reading. And don’t feel bad about not finishing that book. Life’s too short to finish bad books.

7. If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?

I have a part-time day job. Two of them, actually. I think without that routine, I’d be at a bit of a loose end.

8. Maori words almost took me by surprise. What is the reason behind Maori words and why did you think adding them would make this book look good in a whole new level?

Te Reo Maori is one of the official languages of New Zealand. Using Maori words and names and a few customs wasn’t a conscious decision, I don’t think. It’s a natural part of being a New Zealander, so of course I’m going to use it in a book set in New Zealand, with New Zealand characters. Leaving it out of the book would have been a huge disservice to the people who were here long before my own Irish and Australian ancestors.

9. Maunga is a very interesting character. She is tad bit evil but has some soft spot. What do you think about this character?

I always wanted to write a Hufflepuff antagonist. 
And if you like her, you’re going to love the sequel…


A. Coffee or Tea?


B. Kindle or Paperback?


D. Sitting alone enjoying the sunset or going out with friends?

Enjoying the sunset with friends. While drinking coffee.

E.Classic fiction or Modern fiction

I read more modern than classic, but I enjoy both.

11. What is your all time favorite book?( I know it is very hard to pick one, so you can choose 2-3 books)

Fiction? The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Non-fiction? It’s a tie between Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton.

12. Are you a book worm? Do you read often?

I think all writers are bookworms. It’s hard to write well if you don’t read. 
I’ve been getting back into leisure reading the last few years. Aiming to read 50 books this year — I’m on track so far!

I loved every bit of this interview and I am very glad to have it in my blog. Thank you E G Wilson for doing this.

If you also like the book, don’t miss out the book review on my blog. Click here to go to the review page directly.

Happy Reading
Sritha Bandla

Book update ~ The Iron Trial by Holly black & Cassandra Clare


So far I liked this book. The characters are interesting and the Magestrium is sure as hell a place to talk to about. It is full of illusions and lot of surprises awaiting for Call! I felt this book is kind of mixed version of all the magic reality books. I clearly see Harry Potter in it and a little bit of Alchemyst by Micheal Scott and I just don’t feel that this book is genuinely a story which came from an author’s heart. It is more like a fan fiction work rather an a true story. May be I might change my opinion after I finish this book, but as of know I feel like I am reading a Wattpad fan fiction story. I am so sorry to say that, well this is how I exactly feel and I see no point in boasting about this book.

I expected a lot when I heard the first review and many book tubers blabbering about how awesome this book is. May be you might like it, but this book is just not for me. Even though I don’t like the plot, I might buy the rest of the books in this series. You know, I never like to leave a series incomplete. This is not the worst book I have read, but this is not the best book either. It is just a normal book for me.

Right now, I am in page 170 and reading. Let me know what you think about this and your comments may change my opinion about this book. Waiting to hear from you

Happy reading

Sritha Bandla